Frequently Asked Questions

Is all the food vegan?
Yes, all our food is 100% whole-food, plant-based, low-fat. We do not cook with or use animal products or byproducts. Additionally, to keep the food low-fat, we do not use coconut, avocado, nuts (except for small amounts in almond milk), or peanuts. Occasionally, we will use small amounts of seeds, but only as a garnish or condiment, never as the main substrate of our dish. Some of our dishes contain gluten.
What about allergens?
Since all of our food is plant-based, it does not contain any meat or dairy products. We do not use peanuts, avocado, or coconut. Most of our items are completely nut-free, but occasionally, we use almond milk. Some dishes may contain soy and gluten which is marked when clicking in the information icon for each meal.
How much does it cost?
Our service is sold by item, not by the week or month, but a single item often will have enough food to provide more than one meal. For many items we offer medium and large sizes depending on your appetite. For our most popular dishes, we also offer family size to feed a whole group. Our prices vary from $2 for the smallest side order to $51 for our family size lasagna.
How often do you deliver?
We deliver Monday–Friday for customers within 20 miles of our location. Delivery usually takes place from 2–5:30 pm so that you will receive your meals in time for dinner! We charge $10 for local delivery within 10 miles of our location, $25 within 15 miles of our location and $35 within 20 miles of our location.
What if I am located outside your delivery area?
No problem! If you are located outside our delivery area, we can ship your food to you via FedEx Priority Overnight. For shipments to arrive on Saturdays, an additional charge of $6.50 will be added to the shipping fee which is based on the size of your order.
Is there any way for me to avoid the delivery charge? Can I pick up my meals somewhere?
Yes! We offer pick up at our business location in Duarte, CA. Meals are normally ready by 2 pm and available for pickup until about 5:00. If you'd like to arrange a special pick up time, please call us and we'll see what we can do.
Please pick up meals from 2:00–5:00 pm the day of the order.
Business Address:
1851 Huntington Dr.
Duarte, CA 91010
What if I am not home during the delivery time?
We generally deliver from 2–5:30 pm so that you can receive your meal for dinner. If you are not home, we will leave the packaged and sealed food in an insulated cooler with a frozen gel pack. Depending on the outside temperature, the food should stay cool at least a few hours. However, if you will be arriving home late or have concerns, please contact us.
Where and how are the meals prepared?
We have our own brand new kitchen at our location in Duarte which is used only by Little Green Forks. We use strict cooking and sanitation procedures to ensure the best meals. All our meals are prepared with love by our chef and cooks. We buy the freshest produce and prepare the meal in the morning so that you get a wonderful, fresh, delicious meal by dinner!
Do I have to subscribe to a plan or order multiple meals at once?
NO! You can order one meal at a time or 30 meals at a time. You can choose what meals you want for each day; we won't force you into a meal plan.
How environmentally friendly is your packaging?
All our utensils, napkins, and salad containers are 100% compostable. The paperboard containers are 90% compostable. Since the soup containers need to be microwave-safe they cannot be compostable (the high heat starts breaking down compostable plastics) but they are 100% recyclable.
How long will my meals keep in my fridge or freezer?
Our entrees can last up to 4-7 days if properly refrigerated, or up to two weeks in the freezer. However, all our dishes are made fresh daily and taste the best when eaten the same day.
How do I prepare my meals?
All soups come in microwave-safe containers. If microwaving, crack open the lid to allow steam to escape. Heating times will depend on soup size and microwave power. Generally small/sides can be heated for 1 minute on high, mixing at 30 seconds. Larges can be heated for 2–3 minutes on high, mixing every 30 seconds.
Soups also taste terrific when heated over a stove top!
Most entrees come in paperboard containers with a plastic film over top. These containers are safe for microwave use. Please cut a slit in film before heating.
These containers can also be used in an oven, but remove the plastic film first.
Many of the dishes can also be transferred to pan and reheated on the stove-top.
What if I don't like something that I receive?
We are sorry to hear that, but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, please call us and we'll refund your money!
How do I cancel my order?
We hope that you won't want to, but you can cancel by contacting us at (626) 387-FORK (3675). | (626) 387-3675

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