Why Little Green Forks Food?

Environment, Global Warming, Animal Welfare

Animal products require 20x the land area, 26x the fossil fuels, and 75x the water to produce than plant foods (see book). Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than transportation and harms lots of animals (see book). Little Green Forks food is vegan and so is much better for the environment and animal welfare than eating animal products, but nowadays, there are many sources of vegan foods so why should I choose Little Green Forks? Order now or read on.

Longevity and Health

There are many vegan junk foods that just aren't healthy and food manufacturers are coming up with more every day. They may save the planet while contributing to your early death. Little Green Forks foods contain only ingredients based on the best scientific research to be good for you. Experts in the field call the ideal diet a low-fat whole food plant-based diet and that is what Little Green Forks delivers. No animal products, no heavily processed foods, no high-fat foods, and no added oils. Just whole plants and plant-based spices in various combinations to taste great. So, what happens if you eat this way all the time? Try our 30-day program, read this book, order now , or read on.

Heart Disease Prevention and Reversal

Research has shown that the ideal low-fat whole food diet can prevent and reverse heart disease, our country's leading killer. You might think that you can depend on medical technologies to fix your heart problems, but the research results don't agree.

For more details on these studies, go here. And when you decide you want to prevent or reverse your own heart disease, check your cholesterol, eat only Little Green Forks food and in a month or two, check your cholesterol again and see how much it has gone down. Try our 30-day program, read this book, order now, or read on.


Rates of type 2 diabetes have been rising steadily and are now at epidemic proportions. Your doctor may proscribe metformin and insulin. If you ask your doctor if these medicines will cure you of diabetes, if the doctor is being honest, they will say that not only does it not cure you, your diabetes will likely progress, you will need higher doses of medications, and you may lose limbs or eyes and die a painful death. The American Diabetes Association recommends a diet which helps a little, but researchers have found that the dietary pattern provided by Little Green Forks foods is three times better than the ADA diet and often leads to a cure in a short amount of time. Are you diabetic or prediabetic? Try eating only Little Green Forks food for 30 days and see if you aren't completely cured of diabetes. Of course, if you then go back to eating the foods you ate before that cause diabetes, the disease will come back. But if you want it gone for good, just keep eating food from Little Green Forks. Try our 30-day program, read this book, order now, or read on.

High blood pressure, cancer, bowel problems, arthritis, brain health, and on and on

As researchers continue to run studies on the effects of nutrition on more and more diseases, the results keep coming in that a low-fat whole food plant-base diet prevents, minimizes, and/or reverses many of the diseases that we suffer from. Do you want to be healthy and live a long time? You can affect your health and longevity dramatically by your food choices. We hope you will allow Little Green Forks to be a big part of your healthy food choices. Try our 30-day program, order now, or read on.

Weight Loss

Most diets are not effective for lasting weight loss. It is because they involve eating the wrong foods. If you try to eat less of high-fat foods, your stomach keeps telling you it isn't full, and you need more. You may be able to override these urges for a while and lose some weight, but most people can't overcome their natural hunger signals for long and soon the weight is back and then some. Eating food from Little Green Forks makes your stomach full without all the heavy calories. Go ahead and order the large sizes of soups, salads, and entrees, if you like to eat a lot. Its OK. You will be pleasantly surprised by how full you feel while you shed those extra pounds. Try our 30-day program, read this book, order now, or read on.

Ready to make a change? Try a 30-day program

You can order as much or as little as you like from the Little Green Forks website. We don't try to lock you in with subscription requirements. But if you continue to eat the standard American diet for the most part and just order one or two dishes a month from Little Green Forks, it really isn't going to make a huge impact on your health, longevity, or weight. But if you are ready to make a big impact on your health, we are ready to help. We love to hear and publicize success stories. So, if you are new to this way of eating and are currently suffering from one of the problems that can be helped by this diet, please give us a call. We will work with you to be a success. If you take your medical measurements now, eat only Little Green Forks food for 30 days, take your medical measurements again and are willing to share the results with us and with others, we will give you a discount on the 30-days of food from us. So ready to go? Please call us at (626) 387-3675 or email us at 30dayprogram@littlegreenforks.com.

Not ready to make a 30-day commitment to health? Try a few healthy meals by ordering now.

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